Training And Education

Summer Clinical Research Scholars

This ten-week program is for enrolled or incoming medical or dental students. Its purpose is to provide an introduction to clinical research and to “whet students’ appetites” for clinical research. Students are expected to develop and carry out well-founded, limited scope studies, working with teams of established investigators. During the summer all students are responsible for attending weekly journal club meetings, and discussing during one a journal article relevant to his/her research project. In addition, all students are required to develop poster presentations for the annual Medical Student Research Day.

How To Apply

Students may apply for the summer research program through the UCHC Office of Student Affairs. Those applications related to patient-oriented research are forwarded to the Administrative Director of the CRC. The CRC Associate Program Director meets with potential students to discuss possible projects, and to help identify suitable faculty mentors. All summer student applications require approval by the CRC SAC.

Period and Amount of Support

Scholars receive a $3200 stipend for the full 10 week participation.

Student Presentation Guidelines

Students will be expected to describe their research project in 5 minutes or less and then provide a critique of a peer-reviewed journal article, which relates to their project.  A laptop computer/LCD projector and/or overhead will be available.  Handouts should consist of an abstract of the paper, key data and additional references or web sites regarding clinical research that were helpful.